The Origins of TikTok

This video was created for CrossMinds. I researched, scripted and edited the video.

The Tesla Cybertruck

This is a video I made for CrossMinds, which is a tech video platform by TalentSeer. I make 2 to 5 videos a week for them, which includes researching, scripting, filming, editing, and creating the thumbnail.

This video took about 2.5 hours to complete.

Sleepypod Product Video

I edited this Sleepypod product video in Adobe Premiere, along with 9 other videos for their YouTube channel.

Peace Starts Now - Founder's Story

This is a video I filmed and edited for the nonprofit Peace Starts Now, which facilitates yoga and meditation opportunities for underserved communities. 

I used my Canon 5D Mark IV and H4N mic.

Sorority Recruitment Video

I filmed this with Bethany Huang for our Fall 2019 sorority recruitment. The editing is by Bethany Huang.

We used two cameras: Canon 5D Mark III and Canon T5.

Benefits of Yoga

Peace Starts Now commissioned me to make this video on the benefits of yoga. It was filmed at Atmananda Yoga Studio in Manhattan.

I filmed with my Canon 5D Mark IV, Rode NT1A mic and Focusrite Scarlett Solo.

Dragon: The Weapon of God

This is the trailer for a feature film I worked on with the writer and director of the film Alexander Bok. 

I posted casting calls, managed over 40 background actors, assisted on set, and occasionally operated boom.

In the Clouds

This is a webseries by Gal Pals Present. I was a Production Assistant and did tasks like setting up and breaking down set, operating the boom, and holding reflectors. 

In the Clouds is an 8 episode LGBT webseries and has about 34,000 views on YouTube across all episodes.

An Orange A Day

This was a film I worked on for an NYU class, Write, Shoot, Edit. 

I worked on wardrobe, casting, and editing.

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